getting the VHT tube amp sound

Getting that  Fryette Era VHT Tube  sound on your recording

  You have heard the sound of a Fryette era VHT Tube Amp on a recording or live and you want to get a sound like it on your recording. 

That DSP amp modeller/modelling amp you have been using just isnt working out in the mix. You've tried every setting possible. How do you get that fat Rock or Metal Tube Amp sound? Its as simple as this; use a real VHT GP3 tube low watt amp. If you cant get one for yourself select a recording studio that keeps one. We keep a near pristine Fryette era VHT GP3 comes more than hot rodded from the factory, from old school to new metal crunch and  things in between. This a has of course a great modern metal sound, it does hard rock and blues like a man on a whippin post.  Even the most demanding love it's clean sounds. We specialize in helping you make recordings that ROCK!




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